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A passionate team with more than 100 projects completed. Engaged with IT in the travel industry. Our goal is to provide an operational lever which will satisfy your requirements, enhance your corporate identity and improve the performance of your business.

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At Webee, web design and development keep pace with new technologies, while all the necessary procedures and techniques are applied, so that websites appear within the first results of visitors in search engines. Our goal is to provide an operational lever which will satisfy your requirements, enhance your corporate identity and improve the performance of your business.

Social media is the new alternative way of advertising online. In relation to marketing, social media enable people to communicate quickly and with minimal effort with hundreds or even thousands of buyers. Businesses, on their part, attend discussions and online reviews by consumer-users, in order to draw conclusions about the brand and products, to improve the quality of products and services, to adapt to consumer tastes, to mind the opinions regarding competition and attract more customers with actions through social networks.

Basic requirements for developing a successful online store are the emphasis on easy navigation and the usability, elements that urge customers to shop online. The austere design, the functional environment, the user-friendly management of products and orders, as well as the guaranteed security of payments, are added to the characteristics of an ideal e-shop that exudes confidence in online shopping. In case that any problem occurs, the response of Webee is immediate by providing constant technical and advisory support.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing the content of a website by using various methods. The aim is to increase traffic and high ranking in the results of search engines.

E-mail marketing service allows you to “build” a more personal relationship with your customers. It refers to bulk newsletter e-mail sending, in order to promote products and services, regardless of size and type of business. This is an important and effective marketing tool that offers the possibility of direct contact with new potential or existing customers.

At Webee, we offer individual services such as content production, copywriting, article writing, translating and editing of web texts and photographic material (new photo shooting when needed).

In light of the investment in the future, Webee undertakes to configure your company’s profile, so that each communication piece can influence positively, directly and indirectly, the image that your customers have for you, for the benefit of your business. Charge us with the best possible utilization of your budget, the target group you wish to draw in, as well as the promotional tools of your corporate identity.

The graphic department of our company undertakes the logo or corporate identity (business cards, flyers, e-mail templates, etc.) design.

Our Online Reservation Software product is a platform of electronic (online) reservations provided as a service over the Internet. Through this platform, users who visit the company’s website (eg. car rental company, hotel unit), make bookings in real time.

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